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You really don't know your stuff: Yes, a crappy and old PC is out matched by even a 360 but my current rig is round about as powerful as the alleged ps4 stats and I haven't even gotten round to replacing a graphics card from my hard drive to a solid state hard even converted to a 64bit win 7 which would unlock an extra 4.8 gig of memory. In the words of Yahtzee, Stalker has physics that would make a minecraft enthusiasts wet their detection?Spot on, unlike COD. Waiting for a pokemon battle royale. RE #3. Jeanne Dielman. Not vastly different than Andy Warhol's Empire, just shorter, and more conventional... Nick Roeg's Performance probably should've been in there. Also Mankiewicz's Sleuth deserves a mention. I'd also say that The Artist broke the rules of modern film making and succeeded. And to a lesser degree so did Mel Brooks' Silent Movie. The great genre' buster TV show Cop Rock deserves a mention. And you really should index these, so spoilers can be avoided.

So, gossip girl. AMAZING TRAILER♥. Wow! Dude is a psycho with an obsession and not even a smart one. I thought we would ease into the super crazy but it starts with episode one. Scariest thing I've ever seen was my grandmas toes. Just move out & have him keep the house no biggie. Dude looks like young henry canvil!😄. First I sell the House Then I Resell the by a Stupid Movie!TM. Stalking. Great show. FINALLY Hollywood gets women right. #feminism. Did not care for the movie at all, I don't know if i just diden't understand it, but to me the movie was simply 2 hours of 3 men walking trough a abandoned land, Nothing happened, Didn't understand the end either (SPOILER)   So he wished for his daughter to get psychic abilities or what.

Basic when u addicted to the games and the book

I actually live and spent a lot of time of my childhood around the areas stalker was shot. And i think i remember my dad mentioning he ruined many takes of the film with a tractor. +Flaming Monkey Ass Yeah I know there won't be another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game from GSC. I also read that many of the developer are now working on the METRO series witch explains their similaritis ( I tried them too but it's just not the same. So maybe another Publisher/Developer will make a Game. I mean, it's such a great series and I loved playing all parts of it. This just can't be the end of it. (Sorry for bad english.





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