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March 14, 2020, 2:25 am

Journey to Le Mans



European Le Mans Series Official. I felt like this movie shouldve been made years ago. 24 Hours of Le Mans – How to watch live. ACO - Automobile Club. LOVED THIS MOVIE AND I USUALLY HATE CAR MOVIES. This movie should be called - The Dark Knight and The Martian... The best transformer: Optimus prime ❌ Christian bale:βœ…. Les bacs a graviers qui ne laissaient aucune chance de s'en sortir aux pilotes ptdrrrr vla les vagues de sable immense par rapport a de nos jours. p. Ford v Ferrari was missing Steve McQueen. Journey To Le Mans. Format, Prime Video (streaming online video. There are a couple of shots that are probably from test day at Le mans too, the car comes.

I'm looking forward to this. I wanna go see this with my dad. Lambo watching Ford vs Ferrari racing Bugatti hold my stearing.


Moore Racing Movies Are Coming Out In 2019 Than Disney Cars πŸ˜‚. Jun 10, 2018 Race Week for the 86th 24 Hours of Le Mans kicks off on Sunday 10 June 2018. Scrutineering, free practice, qualifying, the press conference. Watch Journey To Le Mans, Prime Video. I watched it yesterday. And it was so great. I love Christian Bale even more. After I watched it, I start to like watching car racing.

Yea this movie is Legendary in the Car Culture. Im about to go watch it. Geez. Asbestos underwear. YES now this is called good quality film. Read the book Go Like Hell it tells the true story the way it really happened.


The ending is sad af. Imagine a movie on mclaren f1. Ford: Any questions about the car? Bale: Does it come in Black? β˜• _c. This movie was lit πŸ”₯, Literally. Read the book, GO Like Hell for all the backstory. Incredibly interesting. When you see gt40 in classic race rome circuit.

If there is no i'm in love with my car on the soundtrack i'll be disappointed.






One of the most interesting stories in the racing world. The best part - I was born ready, hit it ! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. I have been driving Porsche for 27 years and love the cars. I suggest anyone who has watched the Audi Le Mans film Truth In 24 will find this film a disappointing effort from Porsche. Should have called it 40.


Audi and Porsche, two of the greatest in the world.


Very much looking forward to this, first movie I've been desperate to see in a long time, can't wait. Thank you. It actually a British ford. Just saw the movie. It's freaking amazing. RIP Lee - You brought the power to Americas muscle cars. Welcome back Porsche. Happy for Nick Tandy. He's such a beast. One of many great British race winning cars. This is so good it almost brought a tear to my eye! Thanks for the watch! A must watch for any WEC fans :D.




Journey to le mans rotten tomatoes. Journey to le mans. Journey to le man's. Nice vidΓ©o. you for giving us the opportunity to live this inside the team. Michael is fast. Journey to le mans film trailer. Journey to le mans movie. This has been one epic journey I'm glad to see Michael is learning race craft and I hope too him visit Le Mans.

Journey to ville. Great series. Pretty intense to watch as a motorsport fan, so the films captured the emotion brilliantly. Sign up to be, YES PLEASE. Journey to le mans 2014 subtitles. Journey to le mas de. Journey to le mans full movie. Journey to. Journey to le mans 2014. Journey to le mans (2014. Journey to le mans soundtrack. Großartig Serie πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. I always thought Fassbender would make an excellent James Bond. Journey to le mans subtitles.


Looking forward to this. Journey to le man's soundtrack. Journey to lemans. Journey to le mans songs. The last race montage was so enjoyable. Journey to le mans review. If this is a proper movie I wouldn't care. Sorry, I respect the LMP2 but in the end it's still just that one class that's on the track at the same time as Audi, Porsche and Toyota. I wouldn't like them to leave, their essential to the sport, but not as important for having a movie about them. Yeah, more of this please... Journey to le mans imdb. This looks like it could become a fantastic series. Journey to le man's movie.

He is really great at keeping calm during the lap1

More entertaining than some tv shows! Good work! I`m anxious for next season. I'm living my racing dreams though this series. Journey to le mans english subtitles. Journey to le mans. Journey to le mans netflix. Love this series Porsche, more of this please...

Brilliant! Loved this mini series!πŸ‘πŸ»

9:15 - 9:25 gave me stress. Journey to le mans trailer.

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