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January 5, 2020, 1:16 am


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Everyone needs experience to get experience. Frustrating catch-22.
Gotta warned me of spoilers.
Victimhood, is more of a prison than an inability to interpret statistics. You are free; go forth and prosper, but the world is tough: you may find it difficult; good luck.
I feel like all the women in Dazs personal life are the luckiest women ever. Like damn. That respect.

I bet a black man would have a harder time than any of these females. 7:42         Hilarious... There is a female transformer.


This was absolutely wonderful and lifted me up, thank you so much. Bless them all, love and kindness will win. So. A girl that fights like a girl is bad? Well. A guy that fights like a girl or vice versa, understandable. But a girl will ALWAYS do everything like a girl, because they're a girl. Unless they're transsexual or hermaphrodite and identify as a girl, then potentially they fight as a guy. I. Don't understand the issue behind saying that a girl fights like a girl. It's kind of how genetics work. What next? The RSPCA is gonna get pissed cause a trailer said that a cartoon dog fought like a dog. So what? P.S. If someone wants to give me hate for this, just remember to search up 'What is a girl? first. Cheers. Wow and they are adults... Modern feminists are such cry babies.

Truthfully. The very word feminist sounds sexist. The word is important. You want to be equal. Dont call it feminism. Do we need feminism? Well, do mens rights need more attention? I usually would have the same answers for both questions. Pretty clear that Kennedy is a feminazi. I agree there's a bunch of aggy cunts out there militant about Our turn to oppress you! I also know this kinda sounds like an I'm not racist, but. but men who get physically abused by women probably aren't men. I'm not telling these victims to grow a pair if they, for example, end up with a punctured lung cause their significant psycho is actually a threat to his life. No, I'll say that if you get into an argument and she's open-hand slapping you while you're spitting at-the-time-irrelevant logic at her in pitiful defense. Just like how we find it frustrating when they get all emotional and literary, they get frustrated at too much (admittedly unfocused) logic. Just shut up, take the hits, wait for her to calm down (or tire out) and ask when she's ready to talk. You're men, if you can take at least 3-5 punches before discomfort, you can take a fuckload of slaps. And odds are she'll stop before it gets to a fuckload. Do make sure you have support though; close friends who'll let you know if you seem off. The fucking mind-games some women can play, fuck me. tl;dr: men shouldn't hit women cause that's bullying, but women can hit men cause we can take it, and honestly it's how some of us say hello to each other anyway.

Guys, guys, face it. we all need feminism. Because we need something to laugh at everyday. 💁. This is just so underwhelming. Their voices are great, but they don't go well with the song, it just sounds awkward. I guess I just expected much more.

When they walk after the guy makes a statement, it makes me cringe tbh, don't know why

WATCH: Is Captain Marvel the most important MCU film since the Iron Man movie. Men have privileges just like women do. Its biological. Daz what you described 9:50 is humanitarianism.