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January 1, 2020, 10:38 am




Super, gut, okay, geht so, schlecht, Bird Box... Remember when Blackbeard wasn't Nerfbeard? I do. R.I.P Shield. Moral of the film: always listen to the bald guy. Blackbird beatles youtube. Blackbirds linkin park. Best. DLC. Ever. Blackbirdgo. Movie usa speak germany😲😂.

Monique WAS looking great. made me wanna go get cute too

This is a weird trailer. Snape and Narissa Malfoy. :D. Black bird. Birdbox=Can't see A Quiet Place=Cant speak Hush=Cant hear Me=Spaghetti. Wer kommt auch von Dein Update😂. Die Augenbinden halten länger als meine letzten Beziehungen. Jenn ly. That must've been one hell of a break up to end up destroying planets. Blackbird crossword. All I can say is 'MURICA.

Blackbird designs.


Was ist jetzt so toll daran? Verstehe den Reiz nicht. Blackbird pizza. Blackbird glee.





Math: Can't answer. Why do people always have to compare others? HP vs. Twilight, Divergent vs. THG, Shai vs. Jen. Why can't we just let people like who they like and let it be? How can one even BEGIN to COMPARE Shai and Jen? They're totally different. Why can't we just focus on the fact that these girls are making it cool to be a girL. For many years, everybody has made girls look weak, and now we have so many good role models - both characters and real people! Shai and Jen are both amazing people, yeah they're both part of two huge franchises, but that doesn't mean that you can put them up against each other. That would be unfair. They're great actresses, Divergent was amazing, so was THG and CF. They have both chosen some more independent movies, and yeah, maybe Secret Life wasn't that good, but Shai was young and she needed a way to get the spotlight on her. I loved TFIOS and Spectacular, and I'm def. going to see this movie. Jen's Winter's Bone was amaazing, and so was American Hustle (though not my fav. JLaw movie) X-Men and Silver Lining's. They're both great people and performers, and I love them both so much. Can you stop making everything a war? Or we're probably going to have a real war and then we will maybe end up in a Divergent or THG world. I volunteer to be in their district/faction, haha! Rant end. lol...

Run on home, fill your bath tub with whisky and just soak in it. Have yourself an old man's bubble bath. Got it! Good! That exchange just made me go whaaa? Huh? Okay. This is so frustrating because I love Nina and I love the actors in this movie but Zoe just wasn't the right casting, I think if I watch it I'll just be distracted by all the makeup even if her acting is good. Black beards potato aim.

Was ein Schrott. The game she talm they in Is the illuminati. Shailene Woodley is the most beautiful woman in this entire world. With long hair. Please, please, please, let it grow again. Screenplay: Tobias Beecher. WHATS IN THE BAG. I wish they make brotherly love part 2 keke palmer and quincy brown is a cute couple.


Erinnert mich stellenweise an den Film Pulse mit John Cusack.

Anyone know what TIME. the update drop

The ending made my eyes sweat. Irgendwie nur ein bisschen dachte da passiert was aber es wurde nur erzählt was vor fünf Jahren passiert ist und das Ende kam stumpf... Der Film ist klasse keine Frage. Aber ich verstehe nicht warum das Ende so offen sein soll. Ich finde es befriedigend genug. Denn alle Fragen außer das “was” wurden geklärt und schon relativ offensichtlich. Aber das “was” wurde beispielsweise in der Serie “Lost” auch nie erklärt und dennoch hat man weitergesehen hehe. Auch wenn das Ende von “Lost” dagegen tatsächlich extrem unbefriedigend war...

Hmmm let me guess, fundamentalist christian  and gay. Just watched the movie, now I need some therapy. Scarlett johansson and adam driver in the same movie? I never clicked so fast. R.I.P. BlackBeards rifle shield. Too much American operators ubisoft calm down. How can I not root for Eric Banana? He's great. He'll get shot in the end by his sister, and I'll feel sad. That part where she spits on him really makes me wanna slap the hell out of here. What's so sad is that it actually happens. If something like that were to happen to me, I'd just leave home. I wouldn't care. Better to be free then to have to deal with ignorance.


Idk why but starting at 1:07 Kate Winslet's mannerisms or just the way she looks reminds me of rose from the Titanic. It's kind of hard to explain what I'm getting at lol.