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January 9, 2020, 8:14 pm





TIL after a screening of the film The Elephant Man, studio executives recommended the surreal scenes be cut. Producer Mel Brooks responded: We screened the film to bring you up to date as to the status of that venture. Do not misconstrue this as our soliciting the input of raging primitives...

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@natgeowild: A mother elephant tries to save herself and her baby from drowning in the raging river. [WP] Several hundred years in the future, Humanity is nearing extinction. Animals like Dolphins, Dogs, and Elephants have evolved to human-level intelligence. Debates rage over weather humans should be preserved.


The Raging Elephant Poster. Jean Negus Péralte has been physically abused by the police, and the judicial system who let his abusers free are now preparing. Raging Elephants Radio. What's scary is it could happen to you! You wouldn't think much of two maddened elephants but be warned when they're toying with the code tilting things in their favor when you'd least expect it. [The Aftermath. You see, Miles thought it was important at this time to go clean some blood from the raging elephants despite not even being allowed outside after MULTIPLE NEAR INCIDENTS of tomfoolery and trying to clean up the outside. Well of course I was foolish to.

Musth or must /ˈmʌst is a periodic condition in bull (male) elephants characterized by highly aggressive behavior and accompanied by a large rise in. A horde of raging elephants is running toward someone at full speed and there's no other way for him/her to escape. What's the plan. A honeymooning couple on an African safari are confronted by an angry elephant. Got my new mousepad from Artscow (Thanks to /u/Raging_Elephant for the idea.