Apple Language Czech Nederlands Jimmy Carr: Laughing And Joking

January 5, 2020, 7:23 am



This was the eighth stand up tour and DVD release for the fantastically funny, witty and debonair comedian Jimmy Carr, who presents once again his cool dress code, and his brilliant observational and even ruder jokes covering various subjects. Routines and discussions in the show, with some audience participation and animated illustrations on screen, include him being in comedy, laughing, chat up lines, disability, the supernatural and seeing a ghost, obesity and being fat, a lot about sex, clothing and fashion, sexuality and gender, him having no relation to Alan Carr, homosexuality - gay and lesbian, 50 Shades of Grey, pornography, political correctness, paedophilia, teachers, Countdown and Rachel Riley, charity, posh people and royalty, The Queen, flashing, Vajazzles, the best and worst gifts someone has given someone else, hecklers, Secret Santa, relationships, most important things in a relationship, masturbation, celebrities, terrorism and terrorist threat levels, religion, teenage girls, foreign holidays, couples, long term relationships, reasons heard not to have sex by women, weird sexual acts, fetishes and fantasies, walking in on people having sex, what women have been asked sexually and said no to, children and parenting, oral sex and blowjobs, racism, offensive jokes and a story about being famous. Special features on the DVD include him meeting and greeting members of the audience for autographs and photographs and getting to know them to make jokes, and some extra jokes he performed on stage been was not seen in the full show. Jimmy Carr was number 12 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups. Very good.

WTF I'm in tears there's upsides to living in an attic might even get a book out of it lmfaooooo saun lock is shocked.


2:40 - If that girl is with that goof looking dude, then he scored well above his level. Kudos. I swear to god, he has a lot of awesome jokes, why repost the same 10 minutes cut in different places over and over again. Jimmy needs someone to teach him how to laugh properly 😉. When he asked about whats some bad gifts people have gotten I was waiting for someone to say jimmy Carr tickets. I love this ❤️.