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Still KD: Through the Noise - Kevin Durant Full Documentary. “The Offseason: Kevin Durant” TV Review on HBO Sports – Variety. Directed by Brendan Malloy, Emmett Malloy. A documentary on Kevin Durant that tells his story of what he does in the offseason.



Nov 11, 2014. Channel got demonetized. Click on the link and become a Patreon today and support us creating good quality content frequently. The Offseason: Kevin Durant (TV Movie 2014. [HBO] HD. Prepare to connect with Kevin Durant in this revealing reality special that follows the NBA MVP throughout the 2014 offseason.





Looks like a t. KD is the reason the Thunder were anything relevant. [OC] NBA Jam Teams. Where's that hill. When we talk about the MVP race, we usually (and rightfully) focus on the top 2 or 3. Maybe the top 4 or 5 if we have the time on our hands. But you wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts! We're prepared to rank an MVP ballot that goes * FIFTY DEEP. Here is mine, but feel free to submit your own if you have the time/insanity to do so. And if not, at least have the courtesy to bash mine; that's what reddit is for. Some caveats first. As we know, MVP does not directly correlate as "best player...


2:21 look at his face. Give kyrie a ring. Lol egg head. This is powerful and makes me love James harden even more Im proud he made it out of the struggle. I really enjoyed this video. It's not only about playing sports, it's about inspiring others and enjoying each other presence. After this they probably went out to dinner together. Dis guy is totally right I agrii 100 percentz. Your right on the speech. Whatrudoingnowtalkbackhaveusapartywriteback. Steph did an interview today about all the changes happening with the Warriors. Here's more of his QampA. Where do you see the Warriors style of play going. gt“It will develop as we get together as a group. A lot of changes. Its a tough way to end the Finals with K.D. and Klay getting injured, and obviously free agency. For us, our core, myself, Klay (Thompson) Draymond (Green) adding DAngelo and a lot of hungry, young guys trying to prove themselves in the league, itll look diffe.

The true MVP. And the award for the most awkward way to find out your mom has had a number of miscarriages go's to. it kinda go's without saying I guess. Hes talking about injuries and I hope he eats better. My favorite of all time. Even the ref stumble when he spins! 17:37 lol. Westbrook, cry hard baby. GtMuch had been made of Osman being included in LeBrons offseason workouts heading into the 2018 season. James began his new chapter in Los Angeles with a practice at UCLA over the summer, which included himself, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and a Turkish second-year player who could easily be carded when seeing the second It movie. gt“Thats the best three in the world and I had the chance to work out with them,” Osman says. “I was really thankful for that opportunity.” gtIt was exciti.

They have good respect for each other even though KD left. Hope i can make my mom as proud as he mad his. Damm bro these 2 really got respect for eachother ! Damm just imagine them being teammates, the most elite duo ever.


Kyrie looked GROWN from Early.




I love how too short Oaklands own town biznezz is the narrator for this. Love it.

KD is the best player with a heart 💓

I wanna see dat. Thats incredible. Like mike ripoff... Make me like Durant. Great movie.

Wonder how he felt when KD left OKC ( KD probably said OKC you later to Russ and Oklahoma

But you need utorrent first. My god. this man was the economy of a city for 11 years and people still bashing him. 0:32 0:33 and 0:39 Did You See Stephen Curry Make All Those 3 Shots In The Same Spot. Crazy, same injury happened this year. He was soft and weak in highschool. Since then you could say he HARDENed. Bro this shouldve been 3 hours, I could listen to them talk for days.


0:32 why did you do it russell. Song at 5:45.

Westbrook is gonna drive this team into the ground. He's a ball hog

Not only great Basketball Players. but more importantly, outstanding Human Beings. Love these guys.


Best scorer in the game hands down. I just hope he can come back from an Achilles and still be the unstoppable kd. Lmao ik the thunder regret trading him hella 😂. OKC lost Harden, Ibaka, Waiters, and KD.

KD be lookin annoyed everytime he gets interviewed